• customers expect a clean space

    Customers expect clean

    It isn’t enough to have a great product or great service to offer. You have to also be able to offer that product or service in a manner welcoming to customers. A potential buyer understands that the cleanliness of your business often reflects the quality of your service. Don’t underestimate the bad impression an unclean space can leave with a potential customer.

    regular office cleanings are better than one time cleanings

    Regular cleanings are best

    Some businesses only clean when they “notice” their office start to get dirty or only clean once or twice a month. Both of these strategies face significant problems. First, as someone who is regularly in your business, you will not notice the kinds of uncleanliness that a first-time customer or visitor would notice, leaving your business looking dirty to your most important audience. More importantly, once dirty, the longer you wait between cleanings, the costlier and more difficult it will be to return your business to a clean condition.

    regular office cleaning can save you time and money

    save your time

    Managing the cleaning of your business can be a time-consuming effort. Trying to schedule your independent cleaner or staff, managing cleaning expectations and goals, the purchasing of supplies, and other essential cleaning tasks all take time away that could be better spent building and growing your business.

  • FAQs

  • why trust sweepers?

    Experience the differences Sweepers' commercial cleaning service brings.

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    Professional: Trained Cleaners

    Each of our cleaners is graded on a 1 to 100 scale, and only scores of 93 and above are ever acceptable upon inspections by us or you.

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    Affordable: Add Value to Your Business

    We pride ourselves on adding real value to your business while remaining an affordable option for offices of any size.

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    Safe & Secure: Bonded. Insured.

    We are fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind, and all our cleaners undergo thorough background checks.

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    We Don't Miss: Industry-leading Guarantee.

    We don't miss cleanings. In the event that a cleaning is ever missed, we pay for one week of your cleaning services out of our own pockets--that's our guarantee.

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