• Part Time Positions

    OPEN SHIFTS HIRING NOW (If still listed, we are still hiring)


    Saturdays weekly (12 hours paid, AM shift or PM shift)

    Bi-weekly Saturdays (8 hours paid, work anytime during the day)


    You may apply to any single shift, a combination of shifts, or all shifts for which you would be regularly available!



    Job Duties


    You would be performing basic cleaning tasks largely unsupervised at a commercial location in Gadsden and will follow a simple checklist each shift, which will typically include:

    • Sweeping and/or vacuuming
    • Mopping
    • Emptying trash
    • Cleaning and restocking restrooms
    • Sanitizing tables and countertops

    We have a minimal dress code for these shifts! Except for your ID badge and and any safety wear we provide when necessary or as you request (cleaning gloves and safety glasses, for example), you are encouraged to dress comfortably. Closed shoes with non-slip soles are required. Sandals, flip flops, most Crocs, most Birkenstocks, clogs, and flats are examples of open shoes that are not allowed. Tennis shoes, athletic shoes, work shoes, and boots are examples of closed shoes that are allowed. Tees and shorts are common among some of our employees during the summer months.


    Successful candidates are people who reliably arrive to work on time and require little supervision, and we reward our cleaners by paying them some of the highest wages in the industry while offering an amazing mix of benefits and bonuses. We hire on a continuous basis as our customers in the greater Gadsden area continue to grow with us, so there are always lots of opportunities for extra shifts.


    Automatic Raises and Pay Frequency


    All new employees regardless of their position in our company make a minimum $14/hr by the end of their first year with us. All new part-time only employees also undergo paid training for a minimum period after hire and are automatically given regularly scheduled raises as follows for their first 360 days of employment:

    • 0-90 days: Paid training at $13 per hour
    • 91-180 days: $13.50 per hour
    • 181+ days: $14.00 per hour

    We pay weekly via direct deposit and award all bonuses in cash.


    Benefits and Bonuses

    • First-dibs on part time and full time shifts as they become available
    • Eligibility for promotion to part-time or full-time management after one year of employment
    • Bonuses for employee referrals up to $100 per referral
    • Bonuses for customer referrals up to $250 per referral
    • Bonuses for customer reviews up to $250 per review
    • Employee suggestion program bonuses

    We encourage our employees to buy-in to the success of our business and grow with us. Therefore, we have an employee suggestion program that offers bonuses to employees who make suggestions that improve some aspect of our business. For example, should you suggest we purchase a tool or piece of equipment that makes your job easier that also ends up being adopted and used by our other employees, you would be eligible for a cash bonus. Similarly, if you make a suggestion that saves us money, you would get a portion of those savings back as a cash bonus.


    Working Environment


    No work will be done directly on any manufacturing floor of an industrial customer or involve “heavy” cleaning (extra dirty cleaning or regular cleanup of grease or oil). Rather, your work will be limited to the above-described regular janitorial tasks on the customer’s property as follows:

    • Between 85% and 100% of work will take place in interior offices, lobbies, break rooms, and bathrooms that are air-conditioned and stay cold
    • Between 0% and 15% of work will take place in open spaces or exterior areas that are exposed to outside elements and can consequently get hot during the summer months
    • Must be able to stand or walk for up to 7 hours per shift
    • No lifting required beyond 35 pounds
    • No climbing on ladders required
    • Applicants especially sensitive to dust and airborne allergens may not wish to apply

    Requirements and Qualifications


    Candidates who make great cleaners have an eye for detail and are persistent until they get the results the customer expects. Although we do not require previous professional cleaning experience to join our team, we do ask that candidates be able to demonstrate a proven ability to closely follow instructions and to be dependable.

    • Must have at least one previous work reference
    • Must be able to pass a felony criminal background check
    • Must be able to complete paid on-the-job training
    • Must be able to adhere to all company policies and procedures