6 Questions to Always Ask a Cleaning Service

There are lots of things to consider beyond price when looking for a cleaning company for your business. In fact, once you begin to consider how important other factors are to you and your business, price becomes just one of many decision points. To help with choosing who to trust, here are 8 questions to always ask a cleaning service before hiring them.


Question # 1: Are your cleaners employees, or are they contractors? Simply put, some cleaning companies don’t actually have employees for whom they are responsible—responsible for both their training and how well they clean your business—and instead use contractors. This can actually lead to worse outcomes, as the revolving door of contractors in and out of your business means inconsistent work quality from people who know little to nothing about your specific needs. Sweepers hires, trains, and supervises its own cleaning professionals.


Question # 2:  Do you offer any kind of guarantee? Let’s be real: a guarantee is only as good as the weight of its consequences. In other words, if a business owner wouldn’t feel pain if they failed to meet their guarantee, then it’s likely not much of a guarantee to begin with. It’s not enough just to promise a satisfied clean; what makes their guarantee different? Sweepers guarantees we never miss a cleaning, and if we do, we’ll pay for a week of your cleaning out of our owner’s pockets.


Question # 3: How do you ensure your cleaners are doing quality work? We all perform at our best when we know we’ll be held accountable. You should always know how your cleaning company holds its cleaners to your expected standards. Sweepers continuously grades its cleaners on a 0 to 100 scale, and only scores of 93 or above are ever acceptable.


Question # 4: Do you background check your cleaners? The integrity of your business is paramount to you, and its importance should be reflected in the hiring practices of your cleaner. Do they subject their potential hires to a federal background check before ever allowing them inside your business? It’s peace of mind that’s necessary for many business owners, and it’s essential to Sweepers’ own hiring practices.


Question # 5: Are you bonded and insured? We all fall short in the pursuit of perfection. Should any damages ever occur in the course of your cleaning services, does your cleaning company have the necessary insurance or bond to cover your losses? Sweepers always maintains a one million dollar liability policy and a janitorial bond.


Question # 6: Who provides equipment and supplies? What kinds of products do you want used in your business, and who will provide and keep supplies of those products? The answers to those two questions are important to determining not just the quality of your service (off-brand products often don’t clean or sanitize as well and can risk damaging surfaces) but the value of your cleaner’s services as well. Sweepers uses name-brand Zep cleaning products and always takes care of supplies.


To discover for yourself why you should trust a commercial cleaning company to keep your business clean and your customers and employees happy, reach out to the best: Sweepers LLC.